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WordPress Hosting

Shared WordPress Hosting Plans

The Perfect Solution For Your WordPress Site

We will manage WordPress and everything behind it, allowing you to focus on what you do best, instead of dealing with and worrying about WordPress Server configurations, or possible server crashes due to conflicts.

These are NOT "Introductory Prices", where your first invoice is cheap, but later, the Regular Rates are not. Many Web Hosts use this dirty trick to make it, LOOK less expensive when you first sign-up, "buyer beware".

Give your WordPress Site the Home it deserves. With Affordable Rates and Included Features like free backups, Virus & Malware protection and more, you can stop worrying about server down-time.

With 3 Plans to Choose from, almost every need is covered, and if you find the need to upgrade, it's free.


Light Traffic
$87.45/yr $7.95/mo
  • SSD Storage25 GB
  • Monthly Bandwidth25 GB
  • Hosted Websites25
  • Email Accounts25
  • Basic SSL CertFREE
  • minnimum three(3) month purchase


Medium Traffic
$174.90/yr $15.90/mo
  • SSD Storage50 GB
  • Mo. Bandwidth50 GB
  • Hosted Websites50
  • Email Accounts50
  • Basic SSL CertFREE
  • minnimum three(2) month purchase


Medium to Heavy Traffic
$262.35/yr $23.85/mo
  • SSD StorageUnlimited
  • Mo. BandwidthUnlimited
  • Hosted WebsitesUnlimited
  • Email AccountsUnlimited
  • Basic SSL CertFREE
  • Free Domain with Annual Purchase

To Place an Order, Simply Click on the "Order Now" Button of the Hosting Package you would like, and then just follow the Check-Out Steps.
If you have any questions or encounter any Difficulties, Contact Us.

NOTE: Due to the very high rate of fraud, ALL New Clients must be verified by both email and phone. Email verification will occur during the on-line signup process. After the signup process is complete, and payment is received, a staff member will call the phone number provided, and continue the verification. After that your service or product will be activated, so that you can start managing your account. This is a one time process for all new clients. Any orders placed via Proxy/VPN/Anonymizer services will be denied. All Credit Card Transactions are fraud verified with a third party service.

"Basic SSL Certs" are FREE and issued to ALL Hosting clients. These SSL certs should NOT be used for eCommerce full time.
The "Domain Offer" is for a FREE Domain Name for the 'Annual Payment', of the WP3 GOLD Plan. .com, .net, .org, .us, and several other Domain Names are available.
"Websites" & "Sub-domains" means your own, owned web sites, not those of others. Reselling is not allowed.
Plan Downgrades are charged a $25.00 fee for processing the request and performing the required work.

We Accept
Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover, and PayPal.

WordPress Features

MICHIGANX is currently looking at even more ways, to make its WordPress Hosting Services even Better. We hope to have some New Features available in the near future. We will make Announcements as the Features become available.

Besides it Already being Installed and "Ready-To-Go", here are More Features

Publishing Tools

Create Your Content

Create drafts, schedule publication, view all your revisions. Make your content public or private, even secure posts and pages with a password.

WordPress Upgrades

Keeping You Current

WordPress is setup to keep itself automaticly updated, saving you from doing it manualy. This can prevent hacking of outdated versions.

Email Administration

Be Your Own Email Admin

Add and Remove Email accounts as You see fit. Change Passwords, Setup Forwarders, and More. Now You Are the Email Administrator.

User Management

Manage User Access

Not everyone requires the same access. Administrators manage the site, editors work with content, authors and contributors write content.

Directory Protection

Password Protect Directories

Now you can add password protection to the directories that you define for access by your customers, partners or others.

All SSD Disk Drives

30% Faster Speed Boost

Our Ultra-Reliable SSDs can help your site really Fly! Pages load up to 30% Faster with SSD Drives, compared to regular drives used by others.

For those that are New to WordPress, besides its own internal help, the Internet is FULL of WordPress resources, you just have to google them.

Easy to Use Client Area, Control Panel

Manage Your Account and Services from One Secure Area

Included with Every Account is our "Client Area", a Control Panel to Manage All Your Services, Domains and Hosting, View and Pay Invoices, Manage Support Tickets. Hosting Clients have cPanel Services Directly Available, without having to 'log in' to cPanel. This is Your "Control Panel" for everything at MICHIGANX, Access Everything from Your "Client Area".

CloudLinux OS, Designed for Hosting.

The Super-Platform for stability & Efficiency of Hosting.
  • Improves Server Stability & Security, By Isolating Clients from Each Other.
  • Creates Environments more like a Virtual Server than Shared Hosting.
  • Isolates All Clients into Separate "Lightweight Virtualized Environments"

CloudLinux OS "Cages", Clients From One Another to Prevent Security Breaches, Malware or Other Threats, from Spreading to Other Clients.

Veteran Owned & Operated. Your Patronage is Greatly Appreciated.