SSL Certificates

Secure Your Web Site and Provide Trust to Your Visitors

SSL Certificates

Essential Security for Web Sites - Protect Visitors & Customers

What are SSL Certificates? SSL Certificates are used to encrypt the connection between a web site and a visitors browser, in order to safeguard credit card tranasctions, personal information, sensitive data, and more.

With Three Levels of Validation, and Four Levels of Protection, Whatever your Security need is, One or More of these SSL Certificates is the Solution.

Basic SSL

Domain Validation
When a Basic SSL Certificate is all you need to secure a single web site.
$25.99 /per year

Enhanced SSL

Organization Validation
When you need to Up the Trust Level of your web site. Show you Mean Business.
$79.99 /per year

WildCard SSL

Domain Validation
Secure Multiple Sub-domains of your Web Site like, blog. forums. support. and more.
$149.99 /per year

Complete SSL

Extended Validation
Take it All the Way to the Top and add the Maximum Trust Level to your Web Site.
$199.99 /per year

MICHIGANX Clients recieve FREE installation of any SSL Certificate purchased for a hosted Domain.

SSL Certificates from MICHIGANX, can be used on Any Web Server, Anywhere.
Questions about SSL Usage or Compatibility? Just Contact Us.

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Research Reveals that 49% of Internet users worry that personal information is not safe online. That means gaining visitor and client trust is more vital than ever. SSL security is a universal technology, used for both securing websites and gaining trust. It's not "just for eCommerce".

Plus, SSL is no longer optional, it's Mandatory. Regardless of the type of site your running, web sites will now be penalized by most web browsers if they are NOT encrypted. Your web site will display negative security indicators and labeled "not secure" in those browsers.

Search engines are now rewarding encrypted sites with SEO ranking boosts, and penalizing sites for NOT having SSL enabled. The extent remains to be fully seen, but expect big hits.

MICHIGANX clients are already covered by our "Free Basic SSL Cert". But if a Higher Grade of SSL Security is required (eCommerce, personal info), just get a New Higher End SSL Cert. No matter the SSL Certificate type that is chosen, our clients just need to order, and we do the rest.