Remote Support

Servicing Desktops, Laptops, and Tablets. Any Brand, Any Service.

Remote Support Services

If you can connect to the Internet,

We Can Connect to Your Computer Remotely.

MICHIGANX has the ability to Access Computers Remotely, as if we were sitting right in front of them. No need to unplug Everything and drag it in, just to get it diagnosed or serviced.

Just contact us to schedule a time to remote into your computer, to help resolve the issues you are having. And the best part is, it's more affordable than our on-site or in-shop service.

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This is the Easy Way to Have Your Computer Checked Out.
Take Advantage of Flat Rate Pricing for Remote Support Services.

Virus Removal

Take Back Your System

We Will Remove All Viruses, Malware, and Spyware from your Computer System.


Computer Tune-Up

Increase Performance

"Any brand, any type".
Free Up HD Space, Plus
Clean Windows Registry


Most Any Issue

All Types of Problems

Have a Specific issue or you don't know what's wrong. One (1) Hour of Service


General Maintenance

Scheduled Services

We Login and Perform General Maintenance, keeping your system Updated and Protected.


We Accept

Here are Some Other Services that We Can Assist You With.

Software Installation

New Piece of Software?

We can Install and then Configure that New piece of Software you purchased or downloaded, making sure that it is working correctly on your computer.

New Computer Cleanup

Yes, it came with Junk

Got a New Computer, Let us Clean it up by removing the Junk software, and installing the Good software. Then Optimize, and Secure it.

All Things Email

Anything Email Related

Have an Email Issue? Look no further for help. Just tell us what you need done, and we Can Do it. We got you covered.

Social Networking

Facebook, Google, Linkedin, Twitter, etc,. We can help setup and configure accounts for you with one or more of the Social Network sites.

Software Training

Need a Crash Course

Depending on the software, we can help by showing how it works, setting up a feature in it, or how best to use it. One-Time or Regular basis.

Software Installs

Install & Configurations

Purchased a New piece of Hardware, now you need to install the software? Printers, Cameras, Phones, Monitors and More.

If it is found that any Additional work is required, or any parts are needed, you will be quoted separately, BEFORE any Work is Performed.
If Required, any Parts, Plus Taxes, are extra. Special Ordered Items Require Payment in Advance of Ordering.
Due to their very nature, it can not be guaranteed that Viruses, Spyware, and Malware, will not return.
You are Responsible for Making Sure that Your System is Backed-Up prior to any service.
All Labor is Warranted for 25 Days from the date of completion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be there during remote support?

It depends upon what needs to be done really. For the most part, we will just be going about our business of investigating an issue, or be in the process of addressing the issue. You would need to discuss your need to leave with the technician at that time.

Do I have to delete the software when you are finished? I might need to use the service again.

It is recommended that you uninstall / delete the TeamViewer software after your remote support session, for the sake of security. If need be, you can always download the software again for use, direct from our web site, before each and every support session.

My Computer will not turn on at all, can I still use the Remote Support Service?

No. In order to qualify for using the Remote Support Service, your Computer must power on, load it's operating system, and connect to the Internet, all in order for us to make a remote connection to your computer.

Can you see or hear me at all, during the Remote Support Service?

In most cases no, but if you have a web cam on, or a microphone on, it may be possible. If you prefer, make sure that these are all turned off, prior to beginning the Remote Support Service session.


See how easy the Remote Service of any PC can be with TeamViewer.

  • You simply download the program, and then run it.
  • You give MICHIGANX the code number and the password.
  • We Login and take control to diagnose the problem or make a fix.
  • When finished, you can delete the program for the sake of security.

Request Service or Ask Questions

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