Dedicated Web Hosting

The Ultimate in Reliability, Speed, and Performance.

Dedicated Web Hosting

100% Managed, 100% Yours.

Perfect for Large WordPress or other CMS Applications, or if You Have Multiple Domains, or when you Need the Full & Extra Resources a Dedicated Web Server can offer You.
20Gbps of Free DDOS Protection, Prevents downtime and stop attacks.

AVAILABLE SERVERS - "+" denotes configuration available
Intel Xeon E3
8 x 3.30 GHz
32GB / + 256GB SSD / + 10TB / + $199 48 Hours or Less CONFIGURE
Quad Core
8GB / + 250GB HD / + 10TB / + $299 OUT OF STOCK
0 of 4 left
Quad Core
8GB / + 500GB SSD / + Unlimited $399 OUT OF STOCK
0 of 8 left
Quad Core
16GB / + 1TB SSD / + Unlimited $499 OUT OF STOCK
0 of 6 left
The Ultimate in Reliability, Speed, and Performance.

Not sure about the size and type of server you need? Just Contact Us, and we will be happy to help you choose just the right server.
Managed Servers are for Individual use only, and reselling is not allowed. We do not offer services for resellers.
All Install times are approximations. Installs are not performed on weekends or on most Holidays.

Data-Center Features

Here are some Features about one of the Data-Centers where our Dedicated Servers are located.

  • Supermicro and Dell Servers
  • Custom Assembled to order
  • Installed in full size Cabinets
  • All Rackmount Systems
  • Trained Data-Center Techs
  • 100/1000/10k Ethernet
  • 10K+ Fiber Ethernet
  • Cisco + Juniper Switches
  • 30+ Major Carriers
  • Dedicated Network Admins
  • Facility Fire Protection
  • Hardened Facility Security
  • 100% Area Video Monitoring
  • RFID/Biometric Access Control
  • 24/7 inside/outside Guards
  • Dual Multi-Fuel Generators
  • Battery Backup System
  • 1M Sq/Ft 4 Story Facility
  • On-site repair areas
  • Staffed 24/7/365

World Class Features

Features You Get When You Choose cPanel for Your New Server.

cPanel Control Panel

The Industry Standard

cPanel makes managing your Dedicated Server Simple and Easy. And the best part is you can do it all by yourself, without waiting for support.

Raw Logs or AWSTATS

Statistics for almost everything

cPanel provides AWSTATS to view all the stats for your domains and subdomains, or access the raw logs for input into your own stats program.

Email Administration

Add or Delete Email Accounts

Now YOU are the Admin of your own Domain(s). Add, remove and update mail accounts when needed. Plus your own domain webmail.

FTP Access

Setup FTP File Access

YOU can Allow access to your web space for yourself, designers, staff, whomever you need to. Allow them file access 24/7 to get things done.

Directory Protection

Password Protect Directories

Now you can add password protection to the directories that you define for access by your customers, partners or others.

Custom Errors

Define your own error messages

cPanel allows you to define your own error messages, so now you can control those 404 and 403, and all the other error code messages.

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