Advanced Hosting

An Alternative to Moving to VPS Hosting.

Advanced Hosting

Shared Hosting, but with Dedicated Resources

Advanced Hosting is an "Alternative" to Virtual Private Server (VPS) Services.

If your web site has outgrown its shared web hosting resources, but you don't want the headache of managing a VPS, an alternative is Advanced Hosting.

You get all the resources available of a VPS, but in an isolated shared environment that is easy to manage, just like a shared hosting account.


$25/mo -to- $275/yr
  • CPU Cores1
  • RAM1 GB
  • Hosted Websites **10
  • SSD Storage15 GB
  • Bandwidth5 TB
  • Email Accounts100
  • SSL Certificate ***FREE



$35/mo -to- $385/yr
  • CPU Cores2
  • RAM1 GB
  • Hosted Websites **20
  • SSD Storage30 GB
  • Bandwidth6 TB
  • Email Accounts200
  • SSL Certificate ***FREE



$45/mo -to- $495/yr
  • CPU Cores3
  • RAM2 GB
  • Hosted Websites **40
  • SSD Storage45 GB
  • Bandwidth8 TB
  • Email Accounts300
  • SSL Certificate ***FREE



$60/mo -to- $660/yr
  • CPU Cores4
  • RAM4 GB
  • Hosted Websites **100
  • SSD Storage60 GB
  • Bandwidth10 TB
  • Email AccountsUnlimited
  • SSL Certificate ***FREE



Advanced Hosting Plans are Available in Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-Annual, and Discounted Annual Payment Plans.

We Accept the Following Payment Types
Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover, and PayPal.

Advanced Hosting Features

Features of our Advanced Web Hosting Service.

cPanel Control Panel

The Industry Standard

cPanel makes managing your Web Hosting Services Simple and Easy. And the best part is you can do it all by yourself, without waiting for support.

All SSD Disk Drives

30% Faster Speed Boost

Our Ultra-Reliable SSDs can help your site really Fly! Pages load up to 30% Faster with Solid State Drives, compared to regular mechanical hard drives.

Email Administration

Be Your Own Email Admin

Add and Remove Email accounts as You see fit. Change Passwords, Setup Forwarders, and More. You are NOW the Email Administrator.

DDoS Protection

Mitigates Malicious Attacks

Works instantly and keeps services online throughout attacks. Transparent to regular traffic. Protection from attacks up to 10 Gbps.

Nginx Web Server

Reverse Caching Proxy

Nginx caches & serves static assets like CSS, JavaScript, images, etc. with a 1 second micro-cache. Reducing CPU & RAM usage, increasing speed.

Free Web Site Migration

One of our Most Popular Features

This service can seamlessly transfer a new customers web site hosted elsewhere, to their new hosting at MICHIGANX, with little, to no downtime.

The "Client Area", Account Control Panel

Manage Your Account, Domain Names and Web Hosting Services

Included with Every Account is the "Client Area", an Account Control Panel to Manage Everything. You can View or Pay Invoices, Submit and Manage Support Tickets, Manage Your Domain Names, Web Hosting Services, and More.

Hosting Clients now have cPanel Features Directly Available, without having to 'login' to cPanel. You can "Quick Create" Email Accounts, Access Awstats and More, all from within the Client Area, as part of the "cPanel Extended" Service.

Access the Client Area from any Computer, Tablet, or SmartPhone, wherever You have Internet Access. Now You can Login using your Facebook ID.

Featuring "cPanel"

The #1 Web Hosting Control Panel

  • cPanel is included with ALL Advanced Hosting Plans.
  • provides cPanel at NO additional charge, it's FREE.
  • We Chose cPanel Because it Provides All the Best Features.

Since 1993, we have been Providing Web Hosting Services, and cPanel is by far, the Best Control Panel for clients to manage All of their Hosting Services.

Includes "Softaculous", the Application Installer

Focus on Using Apps, Not on Time Trying to Install them.

Included with every Advanced Hosting Plan, is Softaculous. It includes 300+ Apps to Install and offers Demos and Reviews. Want to try an App? in just a few clicks, it's installed. Want to try eCommerce? it can be installed with just a few simple clicks. It will install the App and setup a database if required.

No matter what type of Web Site you are trying to build, Softaculous can Install the most Popular Apps, making it easy to create the web site you want. Don't get caught on a web hosting service that makes it hard to install Apps.

Advanced Hosting FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Advanced Hosting?

Advanced Hosting is just like a shared hosting site. The Advanced Hosting Site runs on a shared server platform powered by CloudLinux OS. It isolates each customer into a separate Lightweight Virtualized Environment (LVE), which allocates and limits server resources. This ensures that you get dedicated resources like in a VPS, but in an isolated shared environment that is easy to manage, just like a shared hosting account.

What are the Benefits of Advanced Hosting?

Increased Resources are the "Number One Benefit" of Advanced Web Hosting. The Advanced Web Hosting platform is fully managed, which means that users do not have to worry about things like, OS Kernel updates, security patches and other server maintenance, we handle it.

Can Speed or Performance be affected by other users on the same server?

CloudLinux OS isolates each customer into a separate "Lightweight Virtualized Environment" (LVE), which allocates and limits server resources; like RAM, CPU, and connections; for that customer. These limits improve server stability because other customers cannot use more than they are allocated and bring down a server.

What type of Hardware and Software does the Advanced Service use?

All of our Servers run on enterprise grade Dell server hardware, built for hosting. They are connected to a core switch via 10GB fiber networking cards, which allows for low latency and high speed access to the internet. The underlying software we use on our Shared Web Hosting Servers is made up of the following; CloudLinux, cPanel, Apache, Nginx, Softaculous, and ClamAV.

Are the Prices shown Introductory or Promotional?

All prices shown are our regular prices. MICHIGANX does not use the Introductory or Promotional scheme that many others use, to lure you in with a low first month or first invoice rate, then hit you with their much higher "Regular Rates" after that.

Is there a Money Back Guarantee?

Some Services include a Thirty (30) Day Money Back Guarantee. This Applies Only to NEW, First-Time Clients, Not to ANY previous clients. If within Thirty (30) Days You Cancel Your Service, You will receive a %100 Refund of the Hosting Plan Fee, MINUS ANY FEES for Registering or Transferring any Domain Names, or for other things like a Purchased SSL Certificate. Only the Hosting Plan Fee will be Refunded. To Cancel Your Service, You MUST login to the Client Area, and Cancel the Hosting Service from there. You will then need to Submit a Support Ticket, Requesting the Refund. Phone Calls or Email Requests to Cancel Services are NOT Accepted..

What Advanced Hosting Plan should I choose?

We recommend starting small, and upgrade if needed. Most Web Sites work just fine on the smallest of plans. But if and when you need to Upgrade to a higher plan, within the same service, it's FREE and Easy. Upgrades are mostly free, but downgrades do cost.

How do I get started with Advanced Hosting?

MICHIGANX makes it easy to get started with one of the best Advanced Hosting services. Simply select the Advanced Web Hosting Plan that best suits your needs, click on "Order Now", and then follow the sign up instructions. If you have any difficulty, contact us.

Advanced Hosting Plan Features

Features by Plan
Max Email Accounts 100 200 300 Unlim
Max Email Send Per Hour 200 250 300 400
MySQL Databases 25 35 45 60
Max Web Sites 25 35 45 60
Max Sub-domains 25 35 45 60
Max Mail Lists 15 25 35 50
SSD Storage 25 GB 35 GB 45 GB 60 GB
Monthly Bandwidth 5 TB 6 TB 8 TB 10 TB
Max FTP Accounts 5 10 25 50
CPU Type Intel Xeon Intel Xeon Intel Xeon Intel Xeon
CPU Version E5-2630 E5-2630 E5-2630 E5-2630
CPU Speed 2.20GHz 2.20GHz 2.20GHz 2.20GHz
CPU Cores 1.0 2.0 3.0 4.0
RAM 1.0 GB 1.0 GB 2.0 GB 4.0 GB
Major Software
CloudLinux OS
Apache Web Server 2.4
Nginx Reverse Caching Proxy
cPanel Control Panel
Client Area with cPanel Extended
Super Fast SSD Drives
Install Apps Quickly using Softaculous
Softaculous App Installer
Email Features
Webmail (AfterLogic & RoundCube)
SpamAssassin Mail Filter
Security Features
(Server) CloudLinux OS
(Server) CSX FireWall
(Server) cPHulk Brute Force Protection
ModSecurity Web Firewall
ClamAV Virus & Malware Scanner
IP Address Deny Manager
(Server) Root-Kit Hunter
Basic DDoS Protection
Traffic & Web Site Statistics
Unlimited Visitors
Access to Raw Log Files
Webalizer Visitor Statistics
Website Statistics
Analog Visitor Statistics
Developer Tools
PHP 5.6, 7, 7.1, 7.2
MultiPHP Manager
CGI-BIN access
MySQL 5.6
Buy Today Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now

* Due to the very high rate of fraud, ALL New Clients will need to be verified by both email and phone. Email verification will occur during the on-line sign up process. After the sign up process is complete, and payment is received, a staff member will call the phone number provided, and continue the verification. After that your service or product will be activated, so that you can start managing your account. This is a one time process for all new clients. Any orders placed via Proxy/VPN/Anonymizer services will be denied. All Credit Card Transactions are fraud verified in real-time, by a third party service.

** "Hosted Web sites" & "Sub-domains" means, your own, owned web sites, not those of others.
Reselling is not allowed. We do not offer services for resellers.
Design Agencies and Web Designers are welcomed.

*** The "Free SSL Certificate" is a DV SSL Certificate. If you are handling personal data, credit card transactions, etc. It is recommended to obtain an EV SSL Certificate to enhance Security.