MICHIGAN EXPRESS has been Providing Domain Name Services Since 1993. We offer a Large Selection of Extensions with Reasonable Prices for New Registrations, Renewals and Transfers.

A Domain Name is Your Online Identity, it's also your brand, it's your Address, and it's your website's home on the Internet. Obtaining a Domain Name that also reflects the content, product, or service that you provide, as well as encompassing your name, is very valuable, and makes it easy for the public to find and identify you. This used to be a difficult task back when only a few domain extensions, like .COM, .NET, and .ORG existed. Finding a name that was not already in use was tough. But, things have gotten much easier for new domain owners now.

New Domain Extensions have now been released after years of waiting, and are now available for registration. You are no longer stuck with just a short list of extensions to pick from, in fact, there are now Hundreds of New Extensions to choose from when registering a new Domain Name. New Targeted niche extensions like, .CATERING, .TATTOO, and .LAWYER allow business owners to choose a domain name that truly reflects their business, while extensions like .COOL, .NINJA and .REVIEWS allow those with individual or organizational websites some much needed creativity, when searching for and finally selecting a New Domain Name.

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