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WHOIS ID Protection

Protects Your Privacy

Adding domain privacy keeps your personal information - like your name, email address, and phone number protected.


DNS Management

Full DNS Control

Manage and update your name server information along with your A, AAAA, NS, MX, CNAME and other DNS records.


Domain Locking

Transfer Protection

Protects your domains names from any unauthorized transfer requests, keeping all of your domains safe and secure.


Email Forwarding

Send Email Anywhere

Easily setup email forwarding for your domain name, so you have fewer email accounts and inboxes to monitor.


Domain Name FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions.

When I register a Domain Name, do I own it?

Domain names can only be "registered", and not owned. Think of it as more like leasing, it allows you to use the domain name, for the amount of time you have registered it. To avoid a potential loss of a domain name, consider registering it for "multiple years".

Can I sell my Domain Name(s)?

You own the rights to your Domain Name, so you can sell it to anyone you like. Transferring ownership is simple, but make sure you have the funds in your hands before allowing any transfers. And if needed, we are ready to help.

What does the registration price of a Domain Name include?

All New Domain Names Purchased or Transfered in to MICHIGANX, include FREE WHOIS ID Protection for all eligible domains, FREE Domain Locking, FREE DNS Management, and FREE Email Forwarding, for as long as they are hosted at MICHIGANX.

Does the registration price include hosting?

Domain Name registrations and web site hosting services are sold separately.

WHOIS ID Protection - What it is, and how it works

Most web hosts charge anywhere between $2 and $8 per year for WHOIS ID Protection, and some web hosts who offer free WHOIS ID Protection, only offer it for a limited time, MICHIGANX provides WHOIS ID Protection for free, ALL THE TIME, no exceptions.

Domain registrations that are made private via WHOIS ID Protection, will in no way impact your ownership or any other functionality. The only change will be for people who access the WHOIS database. Instead of seeing your personal data, all contact information will be replaced with the Domain ID Protection services information. An example of this change is shown below:

In the event that someone does a WHOIS look up to try and contact you, they will be directed to the Domain ID Protection service, where they can send an email to. It would then be forwarded to the email address that is on file here at MICHIGANX. This stops a TON of junk email and spam as well as other junk mail sent in the regular mail. Mostly scams.

*WHOIS privacy is not allowed for .us domains and possibly some other other TLDs.

Automatic Renewals - Why use it, and how it works.

A Better Title for this would be, HOW TO NOT LOSE YOUR DOMAIN NAME

Automatic renewal is the best option to help avoid losing your domain name due to expiration. It involves configuring your domains to automatically renew prior to their expiration date by setting a credit card or a paypal account up to pay for it. We do notify you, several times beforehand about domain expiration, but we understand that sometimes emails reminders can be missed, which is why we recommend setting all of your domains to automatically renew.

Is automatic renewal required?

No, automatic renewal is not required for any of your domains. You have the ability to easily add/remove automatic renewal for any of your domains via the Client Area.

How can I automatically renew my domains?
We support 2 different options for renewing your domains automatically:

Automatic Credit Card payments - Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, and Discover.
PayPal Subscription Account - Will send your payment automatically.

You have the choice of selecting any of these options. Our system will keep you up-to-date regarding the status of your selections and alert you if, credit cards have expired or if your PayPal account can no longer be used.

We strongly recommend checking your account settings frequently to ensure, that you don't miss out on renewing any domains you would prefer to KEEP. Getting back an expired domain name may NOT be possible, so please, renew domains that you want to keep as early as you can, and if possible, renew for multiple years.

Can Domain Name registrations be refunded?

Domain Name registrations are non-refundable. Verify any new domain name before selecting to purchase it.

Can more than one domain name be registered?

Yes. Many people register multiple domain names and point them to different parts of their web site. This makes parts of a website easy and memorable. With so many new domain extensions, you can keep your current domain name, and register others with your domain but with extensions like .BUILDER or .TV. The possibilities are almost endless.