Custom Computers

Built to Order, With the Best Parts. Built to Your Specs or Ours.

Custom Built Computers


Tell Us What You Want, And We Will Build It.

We Design Systems for those who are Serious About their Computer, Serious About How it Performs and Serious About How it Looks. So If You Are Serious, Come See Us, Seriously.

Which System suits Your Needs Best?

Questions? Ask Here

Just Click on the System You would Like to Get a Quote for.

Prices for Componets Go Up and Down constantly

Our Systems are Ideal for almost any purpose. Home, Office and Gaming.

Both Windows & Linux Come with Install Media, in case the OS needs to be reloaded or repaired.

Choose a Windows Desktop or Linux Operating System, and recieve these BONUSES.

BONUS 1 - After an OS installation, we install ALL updates, service packs, AND security patches, bringing the OS completely up to date and secure.
BONUS 2 - Installation of FREE Anti-Virus Program, Modern Web Browsers with Ad Blocker, Spyware and Malware Scanners and More.

We will provide You with a Written Quote for Your Custom Computer, so you have all the details and a 15 day firm price.

And Last But Not Least,

These Features Take Us Over The Top.

Name Brand Parts

We Are Picky Picky

Primary Parts are All name Brand.

100% Fully Tested

48 Hour Stress Testing

Everything is Tested after Assembly.

No Bad Software

Scanned & re-scanned

No Viruses, Spyware or Malware.

Lifetime Labor

For Original Owner

Never Pay for Labor when brought in.

Lifetime Support

For Original Owner

Trouble with anything, just contact us.

Lifetime Installs

For Original Owner

We Install any Hardware You Buy 4 it.

Payment Terms: ¾ Down, and the remaining ¼ is Due at Delivery. Cash Discounts Available.
Monitors are NOT Included, but are available separately at additional charge. Keyboard and Mouse are Included.
Manufacturers warranties ONLY. Generaly a minnimum of one (1) year or more, claims must be made to the Manufacturers directly.
Shipping of any replacement parts under warranty is at owners expense, both to and from any locations as directed by the Manufacturer.
Labor to remove or install any defective or replacement part(s) is covered and performed by MICHIGAN EXPRESS at no charge.
All Pricing and Specs are Approximations and are subjext to change at anytime, without notice. Quotes are valid for 15 days only.

The entire build/install process, normally takes about 7 days, barring no issues.

Our Computers Are Built With

Because We What We Do.

We Also Build Custom Servers in both Rackmount and Tower Configurations.

We Can Also Build Computers for Specific Purposes. i.e., Internet email, web, ftp servers, firewalls, etc. Simply let us know what it needs to do, and we can recommend the best possible configuration.

Gaming Systems? Let us build you a monster gaming system with multiple video cards & monitors. Bring $$ because it will cost $$, but you will have a massive speed demon that can play most anything.

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Our Used Inventory changes daily. Call or stop in the Store for details.