Shared Cloud Hosting

The Most Popular Type of Web Hosting on the Internet.

Cloud Hosting

Shared Cloud Hosting Services

The Perfect Solution For Individuals, Organizations or Businesses

Our Shared Cloud Hosting Services are Powerful, Affordable, and Easier to Use than Ever before. Hosted on Powerful Server Hardware ensures that every host, has the power needed to perform when called upon.

These are NOT "Introductory Prices", where your first invoice is cheap, but later, the Regular Rates are not. Many Web Hosts use this dirty trick to make it, LOOK less expensive when you first sign-up, "buyer beware".

Give your Web Site the Home it deserves. With Affordable Rates and Included Features like free backups, Virus & Malware protection, 400+ 1-Click Applications with Softaculous and Much More.

Stop worrying about your web site having server down-time or becoming infected with viruses & malware. And With 4 Plans to Choose from, almost every need is covered, and if you find the need to upgrade, it's free.


Light Traffic
$55/yr $5/mo
  • SSD Storage1 GB
  • Bandwidth5 GB
  • Hosted Websites1
  • Sub-domains2
  • Email Accounts5
  • Mysql Databases1
  • Basic SSL CertFREE


Medium Traffic
$110/yr $10/mo
  • SSD Storage3 GB
  • Bandwidth10 GB
  • Hosted Websites5
  • Sub-domains5
  • Email Accounts100
  • Mysql Databases5
  • Basic SSL CertFREE


Medium to Heavy Traffic
$165/yr $15/mo
  • SSD Storage5 GB
  • Bandwidth20 GB
  • Hosted Websites25
  • Sub-domains25
  • Email Accounts250
  • Mysql Databases25
  • Basic SSL CertFREE


Heavy Traffic
$220/yr $20/mo
  • SSD Storage10 GB
  • BandwidthUnlimited
  • # WebsitesUnlimited
  • Sub-domainsUnlimited
  • Email AcctsUnlimited
  • Mysql DB'sUnlimited
  • Basic SSL CertFREE

To Place an Order, Simply Click on the "Order Now" Button of the Hosting Package you would like, and then just follow the Check-Out Steps.
If you have any questions or encounter any Difficulties, Contact Us.

Most Plans are Available in Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-Annual, or Annual Plans, with Discounts for Annual Plans.

NOTE: Due to the very high rate of fraud, ALL New Clients will be verified by both email and phone. Email verification will occur during the on-line signup process. After the signup process is complete, and payment is received, a staff member will call the phone number provided, and continue the verification. After that your service or product will be activated, so that you can start managing your account. This is a one time process for all new clients. Any orders placed via Proxy/VPN/Anonymizer services will be denied. All Credit Card Transactions are fraud verified with a third party service.

"Basic SSL Certs" are FREE and issued to ALL Hosting clients. These SSL certs should NOT be used for eCommerce full time, a higher grade SSL should be used.
The "Domain Offer" is for a FREE Domain Name for the 'Annual Payment', of the Platinum Plan. .com, .net, .org, .us, and several other Domain Names are available.
"Websites" & "Sub-domains" means your own, owned web sites, not those of others. Reselling is not allowed.
Plan Downgrades are charged a $35.00 fee for processing the request and performing the required work.

We Accept
Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover, and PayPal.

World Class Features

Here are Some of the Top Features of our Shared Web Hosting Plans.

cPanel Control Panel

The Industry Standard

cPanel makes managing your Web Hosting Services Simple and Easy. And the best part is you can do it all by yourself, without waiting for support.

All SSD Disk Drives

30% Faster Speed Boost

Our Ultra-Reliable SSDs can help your site really Fly! Pages load up to 30% Faster with SSD Drives, compared to regular drives used by others.

Email Administration

Be Your Own Email Admin

Add and Remove Email accounts as You see fit. Change Passwords, Setup Forwarders, and More. Now You Are the Email Administrator.

FTP Access

Manage Public & Private Files

YOU can Allow access to your Web Space, or Private Space for Yourself, for Clients, Designers, Staff, or Whoever you need to, to get the job done.

Directory Protection

Password Protect Directories

Now you can add password protection to the directories that you define for access by your customers, partners or others.

Custom Errors

Define your own error messages

cPanel allows you to use your own error messages, so now you can customize the 404 error messages and the others, and get creative.

Easy to Use Client Area, Control Panel

Manage Your Account and Services from One Secure Area

Included with Every Account is our "Client Area", a Control Panel to Manage All Your Services, Domains and Hosting, View and Pay Invoices, Manage Support Tickets. Hosting Clients have cPanel Services Directly Available, without having to 'log in' to cPanel. This is Your "Control Panel" for everything at MICHIGANX, Access Everything from Your "Client Area".

Featuring "cPanel. The Web Hosting Control Panel"

The #1 Most Powerful Web Hosting Control Panel in the World

  • MICHIGANX includes cPanel with ALL Shared Hosting Plans.
  • MICHIGANX provides cPanel at NO additional charge, it's FREE.
  • MICHIGANX Chose cPanel Because it Provides All the Best Features.

Since 1993, we have been Providing Web Hosting Services, and cPanel is by far the Best Control Panel for Clients to Manage All of Their Hosting Services.


Over 400 Scripts & Applications to Choose From

Focus on Using Applications rather than on time, trying to install them

Softaculous is Included FREE with every Shared Cloud Hosting Plan. It is Loaded with Apps, broken down by category for easy searching. Want to try something? in just a few clicks, it's installed. Want to try eCommerce? it can be installed with just a few simple clicks. It will install the program and setup a database if one is required. This makes installing Applications easy.

CloudLinux OS - Designed for Web Hosting

The Super OS for Stability & Efficiency of Web Hosting

  • Improves Server Stability & Security, By Isolating Clients from Each Other.
  • Creates Environments more like a Virtual Server than Shared Hosting.
  • Isolates All Clients into Separate "Lightweight Virtualized Environments"

CloudLinux OS "Cages", Clients From One Another to Prevent Security Breaches, Malware or Other Threats, from Spreading to Other Clients.

Does a Business Need a Web Site?

If you are unsure whether or not Your Business needs a Website, here's the answer, it does.
There's no question about it, every Business, even if it only sells a single product or service, even if there are no employees, You need a Website. Setting up a Website with it's own Domain is easy, and most importantly, it doesn't have to be expensive.

A Business without a Website is only half a Business. It is almost 2018 and a Business that does not have a Website, seems odd and maybe even untrustworthy to some. An attractive, informative Website, is the key to bringing in potential new clients or customers, while providing an around the clock source of info or products to visitors.

If you are a Business that already has a Website, WE CAN HELP YOU SAVE MONEY, and you will ONLY have to work with one company, for All your Hosting Needs.

-or, if you are a new start-up or an existing business without a website, You Found the Right Place. We Do it All, Domain Names, Hosting, Web Site Designs, SSL Certs and more, Right Here at MICHIGANX.

Shared Cloud Hosting Feature List

This List is Kept "Mostly Current"

CloudLinux OS, the Hosting OS
cPanel Control Panel
Apache Web Server
Super Fast SSD Drives
Client Area with quick cPanel access
Setup Applications With just a few clicks using Softaculous
Softaculous Program Installer
Email Features
Webmail (Horde & RoundCube)
Spam Assassin Mail Scanner
Security Features
CloudLinux CageFS
ModSecurity Web Firewall
ClamAV Virus & Malware Scanner
IP Address Deny Manager
Root-Kit Hunter
Traffic and Web Site Statistics
Access to Raw Log Files
Webalizer Visitor Statistics
Website Statistics
Analog Visitor Statistics
Developer Tools
PHP 5.6, 7 (PHP Selector in cPanel)
MySQL Databases
All This and More is Available to you when you Choose MICHIGANX

Veteran Owned & Operated. Your Patronage is Greatly Appreciated.