It's been a long time.

Founded in 1993 by a Navy Veteran, MICHIGANX started life as a small computer shop in Oscoda, MI., offering computer service & repairs, computer sales, parts & accessories and more, while at the same time, operating a popular BBS. Computer Shops at that time were an oddity at best, as this was still quite some time before the Internet, and very few had computers. There was a regular group of "nerds" in the surrounding areas that kept us doing good, and we still do well.

MICHIGANX's Computer Bulletin Board System (BBS) was very popular and it had users from all over the United States, and even a few foreign countries, all who were direct dialing in to connect and access the massive BBS. Connections were at blazing speeds from when it was started, at 300Kbps, up to 56,000Kbps when it was ended. Those that dialed up and connected, came to download the tens of thousands of files that were made available by building a 12 CD Drive array, with CD's full of files, plus what we had collected on disks. Also, people and businesses uploaded new files and "shareware", for other users to download and to "Try & Buy". Shareware was a big thing at the time, and produced some of the very first games like, Wolfenstein, DOOM, Duke Nuke'em and more. There were also online games, and we provided access to the "FidoNet" mail network. (before Internet email & newsgroups existed)

Like a lot of other BBS operators at the time, MICHIGANX was working on providing access to the Internet, it was just starting to emerge, and that is what all of us nerds were talking about. We transformed our BBS in to an Internet gateway, but that was not enough. We wanted full Internet Access, not just a gateway to it. This was the dawn of the Internet

When MICHIGANX finally developed it's Internet service, it was launched. It took off right from the start since we were only the second business in the entire state, that even offered Internet access. We became Very Popular. We were adding new clients with no end in sight. But, technical limitations soon caught up with us here in Northeastern Michigan. So it was, 'move to a big city, or stay put and stay small'. We stayed put, we stayed small.

MICHIGANX constantly works on all aspects of it's service offerings. Some services were dropped, while others were expanded, and new ones added. Both front office and back office systems have been upgraded over and over through the years. This has helped us to streamline our services and has directly lead to the improvement of our support service, by many magnitudes.

MICHIGANX now provides the same, if not a better service than most major companies. We offer World Class Web Hosting, Domain Name Registration Services, SSL Products, and more, all with highly competitive pricing. And also, we now offer an extended selection of the New Domain Name Extensions. Extensions like, .pizza, .club, .office, .xyz, and countless others, take a look.

We specialize in helping Individuals, Organizations and Businesses, obtain their online presence, keeping them up and running, and doing it all in the most Affordable and Friendly Manner as possible. From pro to novice, we provide all the services you will need to be online.

If you are an Individual, Organization or Business, With an Online Presence, "WE CAN HELP YOU SAVE MONEY". -or, if you are Without an Online Presence and just starting out, you are in the right place. Plus, MICHIGANX is the One and Only Business you will have to deal with for ALL of your online needs. Web Hosting, Domain Names, SSL Certs, ALL on One Invoice, from One Company. We Do it All, Web Hosting, Domain Names, SSL, and More, all "Right Here", at MICHIGANX. Explore our Web Site to find out all the things that we can do for you.

Thank you,
Dean Morris