If you are unsure whether or not Your Business needs a Website, here's the answer, it does.
There's no question about it, every business, even if it only sells one single product or only has a single employee, needs a Website. Setting up a Website with your own domain is easy, and most importantly, it doesn't have to be expensive.

A company without a Website is leaving serious money on the table. It is now 2016, and a business that does not have a Website, seems old-fashioned and maybe even untrustworthy. An attractive, informative Website is the key to bringing in potential new clients and customers.

If you are a Michigan Business that has a Website, WE CAN HELP YOU SAVE MONEY. Plus, you will ONLY have to work with One company, MICHIGANX, for All your Hosting Needs.

-or, if you are a Michigan Business without a Website and need one, You Found the Right Place. We Do it All, Domain Names, Hosting, SSL Certs, Web Design, all Right Here at MICHIGANX.

Price Lock Guarantee - The price you sign up at will remain the price for the duration of your account. We do not partake in bait and switch price increases or different renewal rates much like our competition.

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